About us

Attai company concept came from the fact that it is a gift to the merchant and consumer also, in order to provide the best services and the most luxurious products carefully selected, while at the same time maintaining reasonable prices for everyone. Attai could through its successful career to achieve this wonderful balance between quality and price.

Attai Pages:

  • Attai Website: attai.qa, which contains information about the company and links to other pages.
  • Market Page: Https://shop.attai.qa/en/, which offers products and services at a high level of quality, and the most important sections on this page is:
  • Corporate ads in the advertising section
  • Products of companies subscribed with us: These products are divided as follows: –
  • -Electronics Section.
  • Fashion and Accessories Section.
  • Cleaning Supplies Section.
  • Games Section.
  • Camping Tools Section.
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics Section.
  • Mirrors Section.
  • Men’s and women’s beauty salons page: Https://beauty.attai.qa/, We offer here a service for owners of men’s and women’s beauty salons with the ability to book appointments for their customers through the page and mobile application that is under construction, and we also give them the right to display their products, services and contact information. There is no doubt that this page provides a service that everyone needs, which is booking salon appointments, knowing prices and services, and making comparisons between them, allowing more transparency in the market.
  • Water Page: It will be a pleasant surprise to consumers and merchants


Our services for individuals: We offer, through Attai pages, the best products and services for individuals, and you can visit us either in the QMall or in our office in Al Hitmi, or through our website.


Our services for companies:

1- Posting your products in a beautiful and appropriate manner on Attai website and mobile application. 2- Doing all the designs and art works needed to promote your products on market.

3- Managing your social media accounts very professionally.

4- Providing printing services through our partners.

5- Launching paid advertising campaigns.

6- Sending marketing SMS.

7- Making marketing plans to increase followers and sales.

8- Design and development of websites through our partners.

In the end, we can not do other than to thank everyone, especially the distinguished and highly experienced Attai team for achieving the best results.